Instant 4 N 1 Meal Maker

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Instant 4 N 1 Meal Maker
Instant 4 N 1 Meal Maker
Instant 4 N 1 Meal Maker
No you can't travel back in time, but you can significantly cut down on your cooking time with this handy multipurpose cooker.

Fluffy Rice, Steamed Veggies, Perfect Quinoa, Homemade Yogurt, Tasty Oatmeal ready when you wake up AND you can even Sear and Slow Cook with the Time Machine. One small appliance to rule them all!

It couldn't be easier. There are designated buttons for each of the functions listed above. Plus, the Time Machine features a "Fuzzy Logic" sensor, which takes temperature readings at the top and bottom of the interior cooking pot. Couple that with the presets and this cooker removes all the guess work. You can even set this to a timer or delay timer that starts the cooking later on.

Start making delicious and nutritious meals in no time; breakfast, lunch or dinner.

One of the huge benefits of the Time Machine compared to other similar cookers is the 900W Heating Element and Non-Stick Inner Pot that is 20% thicker than its competitors'. This allows for faster cooking without the burnt food. What we love is that the Inner Pot is way easier to clean than a super-heavy, cumbersome Ceramic Crock Pot insert.

Features and Benefits:
- Makes Cooking Easy, Fast and Fun!
- Rice Cooker with Brown and White Rice and Fast Rice Presets
- Slow Cooker with Low, Medium, High and Keep Warm Settings
- Presets for Quinoa, Oatmeal and Yogurt
- Searing Function
- Timer and Delay Timer
- Fuzzy Logic 2.0 Heat Sensor Takes the Guess Work Out of Cooking
- Steam Veggies and Fish while you cook rice with the Included Steam Basket
- Metal Cooking Pot with Non-stick Coating and Interior Measurements
- 900 Watt Heating Element
- Rice Serving Spoon and Measuring Cup Included
- Locking Lid with Carrying Handle
- 10.5"X 11.5"
- 20 Cup Capacity

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